Arctic Rush

Arctic Rush 1.59

Help Dr. Scott and his dog Sherrif to survive in their Arctic adventures!
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Arcade-like computer game with amazing 3d graphics, three skill levels, and excellent soundtrack & sound effects.
The installation requires Windows 98/2000/XP, Pentium II 500 processor (or equivalent), 64 MB RAM, 20 MB free hard disk space, 16 MB Direct X compatible video card (minimum), and Microsoft DirectX 8.0 or higher.

The storyline is as follows: Dr. Scott's Arctic expedition faces into extreme danger. The ice shelf where Dr. Scott was sleeping breaks away from the continent and drifts out into the high seas. Dr. Scott calls for help and soon rescuers, on helicopters and planes, begin to drop the needed supplies.

Unfortunately, Dr. Scott's troubles are not over. The overzealous rescuers are overwhelming the great scientist/researcher with emergency supplies and now he must escape from the dropping boxes!

In Arctic Rush your task is to survive the never-ending cascade of boxes and score points by exploding them. Your only help is your faithful dog, Sheriff, who will chase away the thieving polar bears who are trying to take the most important supplies.

Move Dr. Scott to stack three identical boxes together to gain points or you can explode boxes for points. Don't forget to reward Sheriff with a bone for chasing the polar bears away!
The game download and trial period are completely free. Have a lot of fun!

Adriana Gonzalez
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  • Entertaining
  • Good visuals
  • Suitable for all ages


  • The levels tend to be repetitive
  • Doesn't take too long to master each level
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